Xin County Market Supervision Bureau launches boiler special inspection


In order to strengthen the management and safe operation of special equipment such as boilers, and minimize the hidden dangers in use, the Special Supervision Section of the Xinxian Market Supervision Bureau carried out special inspections on gas-fired steam boilers and organic heat carrier boilers in use throughout the county.
This inspection focused on the regular inspection and daily maintenance of the boiler, the certification of operators, the verification of safety accessories, the establishment and implementation of the management system, the boiler operation records, and the water quality analysis report. The gas-fired steam boilers and organic heat carrier boilers in use have undergone special inspections to achieve “three implementations and two certifications” (implement management agencies, implement responsible personnel, implement rules and regulations, boilers have registration certificates for use, and operators have furnace operations For the problems found during the inspection, law enforcement officers issued the “Special Equipment Safety Supervision Instruction” on the spot, ordering immediate rectification, and urged the user unit to actively carry out self-examination and self-correction of potential safety hazards, and improve the boiler safety risk prevention and control capabilities And management level, strengthen the safety management of boilers.
A total of 14 boilers were inspected and more than 30 law enforcement officers were dispatched in this activity. Two hidden dangers were discovered. An instruction was issued and the rectification was ordered immediately. The rectification has been completed. In the next step, the Market Supervision Bureau will continue to increase safety inspections of boilers to ensure the safe operation of special equipment in our county.