How to maintain the gas boiler that has been shut down?


At present, the research and development technology of gas boilers is very mature. The boiler has obvious advantages of stable operation and less pollutant discharge and energy saving. However, if the boiler is not used for a long time, it is necessary to maintain the boiler to maintain the normal operation at the subsequent startup.

1. Dry maintenance
The gas-fired boiler needs to be drained after the furnace is shut down, then the internal dirt is completely removed and rinsed, and the drying in the furnace is kept so as not to be eroded.
You can use a small fire when drying the remaining water in the furnace, but you should not use a large fire. Also be careful to close all the hand hole pipe valves and place the quicklime pan in the drum.
If you have not used a gas steam boiler for a long time, check the boiler at least three months. If the quicklime in the crucible is broken into powder, it is necessary to replace the new lime in time to ensure that the dryness protection in the gas steam boiler is not corroded by moisture.

2. Wet maintenance
The specific operation procedure of the wet maintenance is: after the water in the furnace is discharged, the internal dirt is removed, and the treated water is filled into the crucible and then heated to the required temperature; then the gas in the water is completely discharged to the furnace. In addition, close all valves.
However, it should be noted that when the weather is very cold, wet maintenance should not be used to prevent the furnace water from freezing and damaging the furnace and cannot be used.