Inversiones Goa 7 C.A 1.5tph WNS series oil-fired steam boiler

Inversiones Goa 7 C.A 1.5tph WNS series oil-fired steam boiler



Industry:Food industry

Project boiler medium:Steam



We knew the Chinese industrial boiler brand ZOZEN Boiler on the Internet. During the technical communication with ZOZEN's sales manage for boiler details, we deeply felt that ZOZEN Boiler was a professional manufacturer which produced boilers with high quality. We were also very satisfied with its WNS series oil-fired boiler system solution, so we quickly signed the cooperation agreement with ZOZEN Boiler on the Internet.

Case introduction

The steps like sterilization and drying in the processing of various kinds of food rely heavily on the high-temperature steam generated by the industrial boiler. Inversiones Goa 7 C.A, a local enterprise in Venezuela, is dedicated to the sales and distribution of consumption products, including biscuits, pasta, cake mix and so on. In order to meet the demands for steam heat supply of production lines, Inversiones Goa 7 C.A decided to introduce a set of oil-fired steam boiler with high quality and efficiency to make the food production safe and orderly.

There were abundant oil resources in Venezuela, so Inversiones Goa 7 C.A intended to use light diesel oil as the fuel of boiler to reduce the operating costs of enterprise. Light diesel oil was featured with low viscosity, good fluidity and few content of heavy metal and sulfur, whose combustion has low pollution to the environment. What's more, light diesel oil had no need to be heated in the process of transportation and atomization, so direct ignition could be used to start the boiler. In this case, ZOZEN Boiler customized the WNS series light diesel oil fired boiler system solution for Inversiones Goa 7 C.A with advantages of sufficient capacity, easy installation and maintenance, convenient operation and so on. This oil-fired boiler adopted packaged structure that occupied a small area, which greatly reduced the costs of boiler construction and installation. It was also worth mentioning that ZOZEN boiler was equipped with full-automatic intelligent control system which could not only ensure the safety of WNS series oil-fired boiler, but also accurately control the temperature and pressure to avoid overdrying or high moisture content of food. After the installation and adjustment, ZOZEN's oil-fired boiler would further improve the food processing efficiency and overall competitiveness of Inversiones Goa 7 C.A.

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