The subsidiary of Ansell 15tph WNS series three pass oil-fired steam boiler

The subsidiary of Ansell 15tph WNS series three pass oil-fired steam boiler



Industry:Safety protection industry

Project boiler medium:Steam



We were very grateful to ZOZEN for giving top priority to the order of our medical materials company during the outbreak of the COVID-19. The prompt delivery not only showed the strength of ZOZEN, but also let us feel the social responsibility and corporate responsibility of a large manufacturing company.

Case introduction

The COVID-19 is spreading rapidly across the world in 2020. Medical gloves and the protective clothing provide comprehensive protection for the medical staff. As an important supporting facility, the industrial boiler provides a sufficient heat source for the production of gloves and the protective clothing. As a 125-year-old global safety solutions leader, Ansell has started operations in North America, Latin America / Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Its products are critical to protecting the lives of healthcare providers, emergency responders and other essential workers. Ansell provides protection solutions to more than 25 specific industries including aviation, automobile manufacturing, food processing, semiconductor manufacturing, medical protection, etc. This time, Ansell decided to purchase a boiler for its production base in Dominica. With excellent product quality, ZOZEN became the suppler of Ansell.

ZOZEN WNS series oil-fired boiler is a three-pass horizontal internal combustion boiler. With advantages of compact structure, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption and excellent quality, the boiler has strong market competitiveness. In order to ensure the excellent quality of the boiler products, ZOZEN adopts the production technology of expanding first and then performing the weld. The expansion joint is set as a stopping point. Only after the expansion is qualified, the tube can enter the next welding process, which ensures that there is no gap between the tube hole and the outer wall of the tube. Meanwhile, the expansion strength is automatically controlled to ensure the uniform and moderate expansion. In addition, ZOZEN has set up 7 similar stopping points. And, every stopping point is in the charge of an appointed person. It is the rigorous and complete quality management system that ensures high-quality ZOZEN boilers.

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