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20-ton Oil/Gas-fired Steam Boiler for Chemical Industry in Thailand
20-ton Oil/Gas-fired Steam Boiler for Chemical Industry in Thailand
20-ton Oil/Gas-fired Steam Boiler for Chemical Industry in Thailand
Chemical Industry

I. Customer Demand:

Nobel NC Co., Ltd. mainly produces high-quality industrial nitrocellulose, which is an important resin for printing ink and coating production in the world. This time, Nobel NC joined hands with ZOZEN Boiler to add steam boilers in the newly-built boiler room, to meet the requirements of large-scale and sustainable industrial nitrocellulose production.

It is known that steam boilers is mainly used for dissolving and refining nitrocellulose.  Nobel NC chooses liquefied petroleum gas as boiler fuel, and emphasizes the continuity and safety of production, which puts forward strict requirements for boiler equipment and needs to meet ASME standards.

II. Solutions:

1. According to the fuel characteristics of liquefied petroleum gas selected by the customer, the imported burner is selected to ensure sufficient combustion and to improve the fuel utilization. At the same time, various energy-saving devices and condensers can be installed, which effectively improves the overall thermal efficiency and reduces the operating cost of the boiler.

2. The series of boiler adopts the double drum structure with the full membrane wall design. The steam drum is of the boiler has been accurately calculated by the senior engineer of ZOZEN Boiler, meanwhile, there are several steam separators inside, which ensures the sufficient output and good quality of the steam. It can meet the steam demand during the production.

3. In the process of boiler design and production, ZOZEN Boiler strictly complies with ASME standard. As a professional ASME boiler manufacturer, ZOZEN Boiler not only ensures that the material quality certificates and marks meet the specification requirements, but also tests and strictly inspects the incoming materials. In the production stage, the personnel who have obtained professional certificates are responsible for the blanking, welding and inspection of boilers to ensure that the final SZS series steam boilers meet ASME standards.

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