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German GOTEC Group 0.7MW Gas-fired Hot Water Boiler in Mexico
German GOTEC Group 0.7MW Gas-fired Hot Water Boiler in Mexico
German GOTEC Group 0.7MW Gas-fired Hot Water Boiler in Mexico
Automobile industry

As we all known, the shock absorber is an important part of the vehicle suspension system. In order to prevent corrosion and damage, the shock absorber requires chemical heat treatment, thermal spraying and other processes on the surface. The industrial boiler plays an irreplaceable role as an important supporting heat source equipment. The German-based GOTEC Group has a global market share of 55% in the surface treatment part of the shock absorber, providing support service for recognized car companies such as BMW, Chrysler, Ford and Audi. As a rigorous German company, GOTEC Group set up higher requirements when choosing the heat source equipment for their new plant in Mexic and put forward more detailed requirements for the new system of boiler automation control.

Aiming at the characteristics of load changes in the actual production process of the Mexican plant, ZOZEN equipped the easy-to-operate PLC automatic control system for the boilers. The PLC automatic control system adopts advanced frequency conversion technology and fuzzy control technology to achieve high-efficiency and energy-saving operation by changing the gas volume of the boiler. After the automatic function is turned on, the controller can also automatically control the system according to the mode set by the user to ensure the safe and stable operation of the boiler. WNS series gas fired boilers use large-diameter corrugated furnaces and threaded smoke tubes in conjunction with the energy-saving devices at the tail of the flue to reduce exhaust temperature to 60 degrees and improve the thermal efficiency over 98%.

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