Suihua, Heilongjiang eliminates 281 coal-fired boilers in built-up areas in county-level cities


Suihua City quickly promoted the winter coal-burning control work, formulated the “Three-year Action Plan for the Winter Coal-burning Pollution Control in Suihua City (2020-2022)”, focusing on the implementation of biomass cogeneration projects, energy-saving buildings and old pipe network renovation projects, The elimination of small boilers, the promotion of district heating grid-connected projects, the implementation of the elimination of coal-burning facilities, and the expansion of ultra-low emission control of coal-fired boilers have established a green, economical and efficient clean heating system.
Up to now, 281 small coal-fired boilers in the county-level urban built-up area of Suihua City have been eliminated, and 9 regional heating boilers of 65 steam tons and below at the city level have all been cleared first. 27 small coal-fired boilers have been eliminated outside the built-up areas of county-level cities, completing 72% of this year's total tasks; 8 related counties (cities, districts) and 12 regional heating boilers of 65 steam tons and below have been removed and merged more than half of the task; Fifty-six coal-burning facilities in the urban built-up area of the city have been eliminated, completing 98% of the total task; 3 ultra-low emission transformation of coal-fired units has started, and it is expected to complete the transformation by the end of October, exceeding the completion of 2 units and 4 units; rural residents The replacement of coal-fired bulk burning with biomass to replace 23,000 households is in full implementation. By the end of the year, coal-burning will be reduced by approximately 360,000 tons, exceeding the estimated target of 68,000 tons; 9.77 kilometers of heating pipe network will be transformed, completing 61% of the task , Has been incorporated into the urban central heating pipe network.