Heilongjiang Shuangyashan Youyi County Market Supervision Bureau held a training course for boiler s


In order to improve the use and management of coal-fired boilers in all towns and townships in winter, strengthen the boiler management and operation capabilities of boiler management personnel, enhance boiler safety awareness, and eliminate safety hazards, on the afternoon of October 19, 2020, Youyi County, Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Province The Market Supervision Administration organized training courses for boiler safety management operators for boiler users in all towns.
In the early stage of training, in order to grasp the actual skill level and shortcomings of boiler operators, the Youyi County Market Supervision and Administration Bureau verifies the boilers and ancillary equipment of each township boiler user unit, whether the boiler certificate is expired, and whether the boiler is fully maintained The current status of safety management such as maintenance has been thoroughly investigated, and the boiler safety management personnel and operating personnel of the use unit’s boiler safety management personnel and operators have been certified and trained. In order to make the training content closer to the actual situation of Youyi County, special equipment supervisors carefully prepared, focusing on the actual situation, and enriching and supplementing the training content in a targeted manner.
In the training, from theory to practice, the lecturers are concerned with laws and regulations, standards and specifications, post safety operating procedures, on-site management safety, operating environment safety, post safety operating procedures, maintenance, regular inspections, hidden danger investigation and management, safety risk classification management and control, etc. The knowledge was analyzed and explained, and more than 70 training materials were distributed. The explanations with pictures and texts allowed the trainees to understand and master the knowledge of boiler accident prevention and handling, and emergency rescue plans.
On that day, a total of 68 boiler safety management and operating personnel participated in the training. The easy-to-understand training courses enable trainees to further master boiler safety knowledge, improve the on-site safety management level of boiler operators in the county, and effectively strengthen the safety awareness of boiler safety management personnel and operators, so as to ensure the safe operation of boilers during heating.