What are the more common combustion methods for boiler equipment?


The combustion method of the boiler equipment is also a factor that the majority of users will consider when selecting the boiler. Depending on the combustion method, the boiler structure and boiler room layout will be different. Today, ZOZEN Boiler will briefly introduce to you, what are the more common combustion methods of boiler equipment at present.

1. Diffusion combustion
Advantages: This kind of combustion method is to mutually diffuse the gas at the nozzle mouth without pre-mixing, and then burn it. The combustion method is relatively simple, and the flame is relatively stable.
Disadvantages: Due to the long flame, it is easy to produce incomplete combustion, which will produce more carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, which is not conducive to the full use of boiler fuel, the improvement of boiler thermal efficiency, and it is difficult to reach boiler emission standards.

2. Fully premixed combustion method
Advantages: pre-mixing air and gas, heat transfer with multiple radiators, and increased heat transfer intensity. The advantage of using this combustion method is that the burning flame is clearer and the thermal efficiency is higher.
Disadvantages: Combustion premixing ratio requires fast combustion rate, uniform combustion, high radiation heat transfer efficiency, flame temperature lower than 1200℃, no incomplete combustion and low NOx flue gas temperature, easy to condense, good heat recovery, and high efficiency.

3. Flameless combustion
A combustion method that uniformly mixes the space before combustion with the gas in the gas boiler. When using this method, the oxygen required during the combustion process of the gas does not need to be obtained from the surrounding air, and only needs to be mixed with the air to reach the combustion zone to achieve instantaneous combustion completion.

It can be seen that there are currently three common combustion methods for boiler equipment. When purchasing a boiler, you can compare the advantages and disadvantages of the combustion method to select suitable boiler equipment.